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Last week I had the chance to attend a tech conference on my favorite content management system, CMS, Joomla!  It was an online around the world covering many helpful topics.  One of the sessions was, How Joomla Helped me Build a Site for Writers, Readers and Publishers by Robert Fairhead.  His website,, is a place to "Share and showcase your untold story — fiction, nonfiction and reviews — on Tall And True, an online magazine, blog and forum for writers, readers and publishers."

Mr. Fairhead, told the story of his writing dreams and how those dreams turned into the Tall and True website available today.  Now, becaue he was presenting at a tech conference, he shared more about the building of the site.  However, the greatest inpact was not the tech but the delivery.  Mr. Fairhead is a master storyteller, engaging the audience and holding onto us until he was done. I was not the only one who thought Mr. Fairhead would make a FANTASTIC audiobook narrator.

So intrigued was I that I had to jump over to his website. There is tons to read in many different categories.  It is each to find an interesting read as well as submit your own work, no, please submit your work.  It is also a place to discover a new, yet to be great writer. Get lost in the writings of up-and-coming writers.

Head over to the Tall and True website today.  Don't forget to share with your friends.

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