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#WeLoveOurLibrary - National Library Month


September is National Library Month and with our love of all things reading, it is the perfect excuse to tell you about our favorite library, the Arlington Heights Memorial Library.  This library is located approximately 26 miles northwest of Chicago, IL.  The Arlington Heights Memorial Library or AHML, according to its history, began in 1887. 

Everytime I visit I am amazed at what they have.  As a library that continually evolves to meet the needs of its patrons, this library has something for everyone, young to old. With the trend towards ebooks, audiobooks and such, the library offers lending solutions, as well the devices you might need.  If you want to disconnect and relax with a good book, satisfying your tactile needs, you can of course still do that.  

When I visit, the library I often wish I were a teen so I could participate in all of the activities they have.  Seniors have fun as well at AHML, learning new skills, sharing memories and such.

From a business perspective, the meeting rooms have been handy for offsite meetings.  Businesses can get library cards for up to 3 team members which comes in handy for borrowing the latest books on say, writing, as well as renting equipment like projectors.  The AHML could be your research team, they can find anything.  They often have great advice or can connect you with the right resource.

That's my love for our library.  Check out yours during (and after) National Library Month and discover the treasures found within their doors.


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