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Falling Back in Love with Reading


I love to read.  You probably guessed that already.  I have loved escaping into a story since I was a kid.  With a book, you can explore places you may never get to or learn about a subject you've been curious about.  I stumbled across a post on Goodreads that got me thinking about when I first fell in love with reading and why I still love it.  The article is Anne Bogel's 5 Tips to Restore Your Love of Reading.  

My first thought was how could anyone fall out of love with reading.  As I read the article, I realized, that I was in the midst of rekindling my love of reading, now today.  I had never stopped reading but until this year (and my 2020 Reading Challenge goal), I had not been enjoying it as much.  Whether it was because I was reading for work and school (I teach a graduate-level course) that was more of a task that fun or if it was because I had lost sight of authors that I enjoyed reading, I didn't know.

As I sat back pondering these thoughts, I began to appreciate the tips that Mrs. Bogel proffered.  I was already on the journey back to reading love!  I'd started trying different genres, authors and formats.  I admit the first couple of audiobooks I listened to, I was "annoyed" with this voice telling me the story.  I felt like it was impeding my ability to imagine things on my own.  (Also, it probably had something to do with the fact that I preferred not to be told what to do.). I also had an issue with eBooks.  As my day job is in technology, one of the joys of reading is to escape, book in hand and unplug.  How could I fully do that if I was reading an eBook?  That probably seems odd or contrary, and it probably is, but that's how I felt then. 

Now, I am fully embracing books in all forms.  I have truly fallen back in love with reading.  If you used to love reading or feel you don't have time anymore, you may want to take a read of Anne Bogel's 5 Tips to Restore Your Love of Reading and see if you can rekindle your reading love.

2020 Reading Challenge

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