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2020 Reading Challenge


How did you do on your 2019 Reading Challenge?  It's not too late to set your 2020 Reading Challenge.

What is the Reading Challenge?

It is a fun way to meet other readers, challenge yourself to read more, read something new or even join a book club.

Why set the Reading Challenge?

It's fun!  It is a great way to challenge yourself to take down time to learn something new, take a short (imaginary) trip to a place you've always been curious about, or pick a fun, fast read.

How to set up your Reading Challenge?

It take less than 2 minutes to setup your 2020 Reading Challenge. Sign-up on  You can create an account or login using your Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, or Google account. There are tips for helping you to set your goal and strategies for reaching it.

Rereading a favorite and audio books all count towards your goal.  If you link your Amazon account, when you purchase a book, ebook or audiobook and start, it will be listed in your 'Currently Reading' shelf.  This makes it even easier to track your progress.

Get started today on


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